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Kym Simon is a feisty Alberta firebrand who has a personality as vast

as the prairies and musical potential as high as the Rocky Mountains.

A dynamo on stage and off



When you speak to Kym, hear her sing live, or listen to the energy she brings to her music on recordings, it’s hard to believe that this vivacious and confident stage performer started off as a music loving, but painfully shy young gal from Stettler, Alberta. She surrounded herself with song, but never thought it would become a vocation.


The big lightbulb moment came for Kym during a special performance during her Grade 12 graduation ceremony -- a moment that forever changed her life. “I sang Mariah Carey’s ‘Hero’. There was a gymnasium full of people and I was so scared; I think I shook through the whole thing. People don’t think I am shy now, but I sure was then! I was not a natural performer; it took a lot of time. Something just went ‘click’ and from then on I have devoted myself to my music,” she explained.

Loving Life

Throughout her extensive performing career, Kym has shared the concert and festival stage with the likes of Aaron Pritchett, Patricia Conroy, Wendell Ferguson, and Gord Bamford. Kym demonstrates her ample playful side on ‘Myself to Blame’: “The song is really a tongue-in-cheek look at the “walk of shame”, but from a woman’s point of view,” Kym explained. "We had a lot of fun writing about what it would be like to have this happen and not always have it end up being a bad thing in the end. It leaves you wondering what is going to happen if she stays...the woman in the song may have just met the love of her life!"

“I want to show people that you can be a hard-working, family-oriented person,
but still be able to live your creative dreams."